Clothing Color Trends 2013

Color trends in 2013 of spring and summer can be divided into four main themes:

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color trends in 2013

Earth Daze
The saturation is too large to rich color, dark green, earth brown, orange, dark red and dark sapphire blue colors are the best expression of the original confusion.
Use natural colors close to the original expression of the human tribe original style. Using strong ethnic flavor dress style to cater to the original color theme. In the confusion of color surrounded by hazy, look for the most primitive self.
Blush Stroke
Pink is the absolute choice, the use of different depths pink to bring out the color layering changes. Pastel pink to go along with the other colors, weakening the color depth. Increase the color saturation while reducing the sharpness of the color.
As a girl in love, to be loved while gently stroking blush-like feeling in love, surrounded by sweet like everything just like pink.
Tough Love
Using chroma sharp fresh colors. Coupled with rich dark saturation, creating a powerful outdoor gesture. Red, bright purple, dark green, black is the subject condensate main color.
With the dynamic nature expressed staunch men, sharp colors with a warm expression of the infinite passion for life.
Grow With It
Iridescence is the best childlike expression. 2013 rainbow colors, high saturation, but to weaken the chromogenic color degree pinkish,pastel rainbow colors added to the dress, you can add color as much as possible changes, while not be carried too intense visual impact.
The world is always full of childlike colorful colors. Childhood as colored treasures, hidden in all fantastic colors, childhood is short, in short in all the colors you want to have tried once, and then do not regret this childhood moments.